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SPELL is TRULY BELGIAN, yet arranged by Ukrainian professional chocolatiers. When a young business faces years of social challenges, it does make the team stronger. In 2016, SPELL committed to a mission of transparency, honesty, and generosity, giving its consumers genuine emotions and pleasure of taste and sticking to its principles to make a cool and modern brand with seemingly classic products.

A fine craft brand of premium chocolate and candies, which was mostly associated with gifts and holidays, now is for getting a little closer to consumers. Remember the saying, “chocolate cures sadness?” Why not every day? This is how the idea of the Every Day line came to life, where every bar gives a new emotion and feeling such as freedom, energy, and inspiration. Furthermore, it can help you discover new aspects of yourself every day. We got down to this project together after two tries, a pause, and drastic changes.

What makes you energized from the first contact, even before the chocolate hits your hands? Of course, it’s color. Instead of using the typical mass-market techniques of chocolate bar design, we focused on vibrant colors and driving flavors as a sign of generous love for chocolate and its fans. No dominant chocolate background, a romantic vibe, and gradient blurs came on the scene.

By distributing zones by color and modern macro-typography, we created a visual system where the type of chocolate, sugar contents, and key ingredients are clear to consumers right away.

Spell Every Day now features two main characters. The first is chocolate. There’s no doubt that it’s perfect. We fell in love with it while working on the project. For that reason, we used appetizing pieces of chocolate as the accent of the composition and, with almost no fuss, shot them for the food zone together with the team of Yaroslav Danylchenko’s studio.

And the second main character is you: your choice, your emotions, and your endorphins. Every day.