Tiyapuy is a food brand from Ayacucho, Peru that aims to highlight the value of products grown in Andean lands. It primarily produces native potatoes and quinoa using ancestral techniques, such as hand harvesting and rainwater irrigation, while protecting the biodiversity and Andean ecosystem.

The conceptual development of the brand began with the definition of the concept “Seed of the world” to celebrate the great productive and ancestral capacity of the Andes. The brand name, “Tiyapuy”, was created in Quechua, the ancestral language of the Andean region, meaning “has it all”, emphasizing the richness of the land in the Andes.

The packaging for the native potato snacks features a black background and gold logo to convey the uniqueness of the product. An illustration of dancers in typical costumes, representing different peoples of America, was created to align with the brand’s vision to expand throughout the continent while producing healthy and environmentally friendly products.

Photographs of the native potatoes showcase the exotic nature of the product. The purple, blue, and maroon colors of the potatoes are a natural characteristic that varies with the harvest season for native potatoes.