Yogg – High protein dessert

Antonia Skaraki

Athens, Greece

There is a plethora of yogurt products in the Greek market. From different kinds of milk, different fat intake, different locations and different flavours. Lately the market has succumbed to a new category of yogurts: the high protein yogurt products. To this crowded market our client answered with an innovation and asked us to name and design the first high protein yogurt with real egg protein. As is well-known, eggs are a remarkably abundant source of high-quality protein.

It’s a 18%-20% high protein, low fat, lactose free product addressing not only people who treat their body as a temple but just about anyone who cares for a balanced and healthy nutrition. To name it, we kept the ‘YO’ from ‘yogurt’ and added the GG from ‘egg’, creating YOGG, an easy to remember and fun name. The design focuses on the name by using a bold and round font with the letters assembled as if they’re part of a papercut game. They way they’re added on top of each other – letter by letter – relates to the building up of a strong body. Also the ‘yo’ part is straight whereas the ‘gg’ presents a slight inclination creating a visually interesting and unique game on the font and as of consequence on the whole identity.

The other striking element of the packaging is the fruit indicating the flavour on the cup. It conveys dynamism and power. The extreme crop, bold colours, shine on the strawberry, velvety surface on the peach, silky impression on the dollop of yogurt create an impact as well as a promise for the taste of the product.

The background colour differs from the main competition – usually seen in black – using a shade of dark blue which is gentler to the eye, and conveys balance and harmony.