BioSelf is a line of creams and scrubs for women that improve lymph and blood micro-circulation. This allows to boost wastes and toxins removal, which makes the skin soft and elastic, without a trace of the orange peel.

The perk of these creams is an effect that is simultaneously warming and cooling, and instantly kickstarts skin regeneration.

To develop a packaging design for the launch of a BioSelf anti-cellulite creams new collection.

Having started to work on the brief, we found the right track for building the future concept — a steady modern trend towards accepting one’s own unique body.

All people are different, and beauty is also diverse. To be truly attractive, you don’t have to stick to obsolete public ideas of beauty — you just need to love yourself and accept yourself the way you are, and radiate these attitudes for the world to see!

To point out that each body is unique, we chose several shapes that were merged with the typography. The main idea was to draw parallels between female body outlines and geometric shapes. And it is not only about the “hourglass” body shape, or 90/60/90.

Your exact measures do not matter, because each body is beautiful and unique in its own way.

Therefore, each SKU in the BioSelf collection received not only its own unique character, but also an individual design alluding to the original idea that any woman is beautiful.