Caballo Diablo – Extra Añejo Tequila


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Caballo Diablo – Extra Añejo Tequila (Aged Tequila). 750ml Round Fat shaped bottle with a sealed cork and Mexican Pinewood cap.

This is a new product for the international market and is produced by Destilerias Caballo Diablo S. De R.L. in Ciudad Acuña – Coahuila, México.

The product will be launched in Agave Fest which is taking place from 07 September 2023 to 09 September 2023 in Mexico City.

‘Web and Media’, our creative design agency was deployed to create brand identity, brand theme, branding, bottle and package design earlier this year.

There are 2 variations for this product,  the  Extra Añejo Tequila (Extra Aged Tequila over 3 years). 750ml and the Añejo Tequila (Aged Tequila about 3 years). 750mll (preview below).

The fold-in box is innovative, there are no traditional locking flaps, just a plastic tab that unlocks the box.