Antonia Skaraki

Athens, Greece

Once upon a time, there lived a woman who had a deep love for children. She cared for them dearly and wished to find a way to care for their delicate skin using natural ingredients. Gathering resources from nature, she created creams, ointments, and soaps with love and care.

When it came time to package her products, she turned to us for help.

Together, we embarked on a journey into the forest, the home of our clever and kind friend, the fox. This fox was not only intelligent but also wise, taking care of all the animals in the forest. When they fell ill, she tended to them with great compassion and created healing remedies using herbs to protect their sensitive skin from irritation.

We sat with the fox and shared the story of the woman’s products made especially for children. We explained that their tender skin was exposed to the dusty city and the challenges of life. We asked the fox if she would be the spokesperson for these wonderful cosmetics, and to our delight, she agreed. And so, the Fairy Fox range was born.

“What shall we call you?” we asked the fox. “Clever? Wise? Kind?” She smiled and revealed that her true name was Nature. We decided to assist her and assigned an animal to each product. The fluffy sheep represented the Hair Conditioner, the elegant deer symbolized the Moisturizing and Massage Body Lotion, and the swift hare embodied the 2 in 1 Shampoo & Body Wash. Other animals gladly joined, finding their place on the remaining packages.

Then we had an idea. Armed with scissors, we cut shapes from paper and dipped our brushes in colorful oils. We painted meadows and forests, bringing them to life. On each package, we drew the fox sitting atop the animal associated with the product, near their tummy, their place of birth. The fox gracefully held her sacred mortar and pestle, where she mixed her healing elixirs. She was Mother Nature, the guardian of all life.

She travelled everywhere to find the magical ingredients of health. In the heart of the forest, she discovered the soothing elements for the body lotion. From the fields, she gathered the chamomile needed for the shampoo. The harmonious bond between nature, location, and child was so enchanting that it would remain eternal.

And so, they all lived happily and healthily ever after.