Yuyue Paibai · Fuding White Tea Packaging

LionPeng Design Studio

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The product design concept is based on the theme of “The Book of Changes”, which is the tea ceremony with a friendly relationship between the subject and the object, which is a joyful mood. It expresses the beauty of the Eastern artistic conception with clear and concise lines, with a square and round shape that coexists with hardness and softness. The twist of the pot lid only takes the elements of the Eight Trigrams and Yang, echoing the blank space technique of Yin and Yang to create an imaginative atmosphere, symbolizing the positive and upward attitude of Yu Yue, The different theme elements on both sides of the pot are embossed and colored with the intention of balancing the relationship. The right-hand holds the pot, and the outer circle of the elements signifies the constant reminder of Zen thought and the way of handling affairs.



LionPeng Design Studio

China · ShangHai · WeChat :13917226074
Design Director: Wei Peng
Visual Presentation: Xue Denko
Designer: Xia Zhiwei
Tea Set Design: Ning Jianqiang
Illustration and Drawing: Li Zhengkun
YuYue Tea