Tridimage Packaging Exclusive

Derrick Lin


I am lucky to have the chance to talk to Mr. Hernán, director of Tridimage, for him to share some history and core values of the company:

Three partners started Tridimage in 1995 in Buenos Aires, Argentina with the vision that structural design and proprietary shapes should mean as much as graphic design for consumer goods packages.

“Packaging should seduce and communicate in three dimensions” sums up Tridimage’s philosophy. In the last five years, Tridimage has seen its international business expand, and now 50% of its business is from overseas. In 2007, Tridimage was the first Latin American design firm to win the prestigious Package Design Makeover Challenge.

The partners feel that Buenos Aires is a strategic place from which to build an international presence because Argentina offers a culture that is a blend of styles, influenced most strongly by a combination of Latin roots and European heritage.

The inseparable link between structural and graphic design seems to be the key to Tridimage´s success. Whatever the project, they try to see the brand with fresh eyes and create designs that are both visually stimulating, structurally relevant, and functionally sound.

Tridimage´s current goal is to steadily expand its customer base overseas, and to get involved in further packaging projects for the global market. They are also very open to the idea of working in a creative team with design firms in other parts of the world. Tridimage thinks and packages globally.”

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