G-Vine Distilled Gin

Derrick Lin


G-Vine is produced by Eurowinegate, a French company founded in 2001 and based in Cognac. The founders are oenologists who have all worked in major corporations and share a combined 45 years of experience in wine & spirits production, sales and marketing. EuroWineGate’s reason of being consists in developing innovative products bringing the signature of wine into the spirits world.
The G’Vine bottle embodies the values of ultra-premium white spirits today: contemporary, luxurious and refined. The transparency of the bottle reflects the smooth, natural and fresh essence of the spirit, while the green color evokes the vine flower and the brightness of the vineyards during spring, symbols of the product. As a final touch to reinforce its uniqueness, each bottle of G’Vine is individually numbered.
Designed by Optima Brand Design