Some of us grew up drinking from these bottles and cans, most of us threw away after drinking but some of us kept them. Allen is a good example of such collector, he has captured many old items and in a way preserving them in the form of pictures. The photos of some old vintage product packaging design that you can remember around your house when you were little and it always triggers your mind like a switch.

“I’m very old fashioned and have never liked change. I should have been born in 1936, but wasn’t. I collect old cans, bottles, radios and alot of other stuff.” – Allen

  1. I remember drinking Del Monte soda when I was a kid! What I'd really like to find, though, are copies of a comic strip they ran (as an ad) in the sunday funnies sections one summer in the mid-60s that featured a superhero named "Delbert Montegue". His schtick, of course, was he drank a can of Del Monte soda to gain his powers.

  2. in 1968, del monte soft drinks ran a series of radio commercials featuring their fictional supoer hero, as well. these were aired every monday, wednesday and friday and were scheduled at most stations to run in the same time slot each day so that it would take on a form of continuity. there were 13 weeks of spots created for the rotation and i seem to remember that the series ran three full cycles on the two stations i heard them.

  3. About the old Big Red cans… what year were they made in? And if we had a can still would it have any worth to it?

  4. Sarahapostolic, you would have to hold on to your can for the next 70 years maybe then it would earn a place in the musuem. They would love 100 year old cans!

  5. What year is that pepsi bottle? My dad found one just like it only it looks rusted. Thanks 🙂

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