Blond Bitch

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Derrick Lin


999 Design had designed this Awesome English Ale package design with saucy and eye catching graphics appeal to the American audience.

“Yes, you read it right! Blond Bitch. Moorhouse’s, a brewery dating back to 1580, commissioned us to design a range of packaging for two new beers being launched into the US market.
When developing the concepts for Blond Bitch – based on their UK marketed Blond Witch beer – we introduced connotations of witchcraft and a voluptuous girl, keeping true to the roots of the brand. Wickerman anyone?
A little less brazen, the Owd English pack illustrates a rotund and friendly looking, old English gentleman who clearly enjoys his ale.
So well were the packs received, that we were asked to redesign packs for the brewery’s two leading products, Pendle Witches Brew and Black Cat.”

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