The US-based Philippe Becker’s design agency has developed brand adentity, naming and package design for the cosmetic brand There.

The range presents 4 Asian aromas: Japanese Cherry Blossom, Thai Lotus, Indian Champa and Balinese Jasmine. Each cosmetic line includes bath salt, body bar, body lotion, shower gel and liquid soap.

  1. Hi! I absolutely love your blog…you have some great finds in here… I also run a blog, it’s about design in general but focused to spanish speaking audience…I have used your blog before as a resource…if you would like to collaborate with me I would very much like that, maybe we can exchange banners or something…

  2. Hi Bara,

    Thank you for your support:) I’ll visit your blog and find some interesting packaging posts to link back to your blog, maybe we could start collaborating from here 🙂

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