REX Design, based in São Paulo/Brazil, created the new Global identity of LUX soaps brand, from Unilever. Being partner of the company for the last ten years, the agency was hired to create a design system that would globally establish the LUX brand, unifying its packaging design in more than a hundred countries in which the brand plays.

In terms of product, the great novelty was the launch of a new Soft Skin platform. Bar and liquid soaps that have whipped cream as their basic ingredient, always mixed with another “culinary” item such as strawberry and macadamia.

In order to create innovative packs inside beauty soap category and also integrated to the new LUX Global visual identity, REX mixed the culinary and cosmetic universes. “We have found in this mixture a way to create an inspiring and attractive layout. The main ingredient (whipped cream) is not portrayed in its usual culinary look, but with its potential to arouse the other senses: the fluidity of its consistency and smoothness of its texture. The complementary ingredients appear out of focus, on a separate plan.”, comments Gustavo Piqueira, one of REX Design partners and Creative Director of the project.

You can view their “Cool reading collections” and “Bavaria Premium” too!

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