Spa Flowering Tea

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Derrick Lin


Thanks to Benjamin Ridgway of Make Brand studio for sending in the company’s recently completed Tea Packaging for an Irish food company called Solaris Botanicals. The packaging featured a spot varnish to communicate the water aspect of the product and blooming effect of the tea when immersed in water.

“The brief was to create packaging for a tea product that was not only for consumption but with had sense of occasion around it. Blooming tea when put in hot water flowers, blooms and infuses the water it’s put in, this was a really interesting process that had to be visualised in the design. Aimed at the luxury tea market a clean professional approach was necessary, the finishes we used were spot UV to get across the water aspect of the products and to make this product stand out on the shelf. All in all it worked out well and has had a great response by their retailers so far.”