Whyte & Macka Gift Carton Design

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Latest work from 999 Design.

Whyte & Mackay is one of Scotland’s most famous whisky brands. ‘The Special’ was its first blended whisky and now sells more than one million cases a year worldwide.
So when we were commissioned to redesign the cartons for a Whyte and Mackay range which included the Special, The Thirteen and The Old Luxury we raised our glasses.
The brief required that we modernise the overall look and feel of the cartons but retain the essence and integrity of the Whyte and Mackay brand.
The result was more an evolution of the previous packaging, retaining several of the classic Whyte and Mackay emblems but introducing them in a cleaner and more contemporary way.
The design has proved to be incredibly popular and was distributed on a huge scale for the Christmas market.

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