Antoine Amrani Chocolates

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Smith Design’s charge was to position Antoine Amrani Chocolates at the highest end of the top-tier, premium chocolate arena and to visually convey classic tradition combined with modern and vibrant innovation. It was agreed that all of the components that make up the brand from the design and shapes of the chocolates to the brand identity and packaging, and the e-commerce website would mirror a “superlative chocolate experience™.” Smith Design worked closely with Antoine Amrani to translate the full extent of his vision, into a luxurious brand identity that was consistent at all consumer touchpoints. This included brand design, custom molds for the chocolate designs and luxurious packaging that is environmentally responsible, made with carbon neutral papers.

We wanted the brand look to be unexpected…more like fashion…something that truly stands out from what people generally think of when they imagine gourmet “fine chocolates.”

Designed by Smith Design.

Antoine Amrani Chocolates 2
Antoine Amrani Chocolates 3