Derrick Lin


BVD is a design and branding bureau that works with the physical formation of branding, independently of format or media. Brand development is above all about relevance – the brand expression has to be relevant to your target group.

Askul is one of Japan’s fastest growing companies, a mailorder business with a selection of over 25,000 products and 24-hour service to the whole country. Among its product you can find everything from furniture and computers to food and office supplies. The problem was that Askul’s own brand of products was not highly visible in the product catalogue, which negatively affected sales.

With Scandinavian design as a starting point the products’ common denominators are function, simplicity and clear communication. The typography has distinctive elements of colour and graphics, which makes the packaging eye-catching within both the extensive catalogue, and the home or office environment.


An increase in sales and recognition of the newly designed products.