Makeover Challenge – Beach Packaging Design

Derrick Lin


This is Beach Packaging Design‘s entry to the Package Design Magazine’s sixth annual “Makeover Challenge.”

Consistency, simplicity, and familiarity are the keynotes of Beach Packaging Design’s approach to refashioning the brand image of Casa Visco line. Gone are the variations that have crept into the style of the original packages over the product family’s 51-year history. In their place is a design that’s clean and direct.

After reviewing the packaging of competing brands of red pasta sauce, partners Randy Ludacer and Deborah Davis concluded that the best way for Casa Visco to stand out in this crowded category was to be “just different enough” from other brands to be intriguing—but not too different.

Although the Makeover Challenge was defined as a “blue sky” project—where one could propose just about any type of package—Beach Packaging decided to stick with glass jars. “People are comfortable with sauce in jars,” Ludacer says. “We decided there wasn’t much to be gained by going outside of that particular comfort zone.”
“Having a bit of the product show through the spoon hole makes a nice visual metaphor for what your spoon will contain if you buy one of Casa Visco’s awesome products.” — Randy Ludacer

Taken from the Package Design Magazine’s “Makeover Challenge” article.

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