Speciality Farm Foods



New packaging design by Yin and Yang.

Design consultancy, Yin and Yang has created the brand identity and packaging for culinary start-up Speciality Farm Foods. Set up in 2007 as a family business in Devon, the Speciality Farm Foods range includes the finest culinary treasures from around the world produced by farmers and artisans. It offers ingredients from sustainable sources and produced on organic principles.

The luxurious line-up consists of teas and coffees, salts and peppers, sugar and spice, nuts and cereals, Fruits and flavours, Oils and Vinegar, rare foods and teas will wake up the taste buds.

A globe brand mark has been created to represent how the food company scours the world to find the finest ingredients, whilst elegant swirls lend an artisan feel.

Alan Porter, who previously founded the Chocolate Society, and founder of Speciality Farm Foods says: “Yin and Yang has perfectly captured the brand’s pioneering spirit.”

The packaging design that Yin and Yang created puts craftsmanship at the heart of the design reflecting the quality of the product and fine attention to detail. The packs employ elegant calligraphy and a refined palette of black on white – with each pack displaying a unique accent colour and number to aid differentiation.

Lisa Goodwin, co-founder, Yin and Yang says: “We have designed the brand identity and packaging to convey luxury and quality so that people understand at a glance what the range is all about.”

Speciality Farm Foods is available exclusively through Harrods, the Daylesford Organic chain and its website: http://www.specialityfoods.org.uk. The range consists of over 30 different products.