Derrick Lin


Sets of Chinese bakery packages designed by Design Boutique Limited, Hong Kong. Edited – 27th Sept 2009
Kee Wah Bakery is a family owned business founded in 1938. Kee Wah is a well-established Chinese bakery producing high quality traditional pastries in Hong Kong with branches in Taiwan and the U.S. Their corporate and product identities had undergone several changes over the last 50 years and our client decided to establish a new uniformed corporate image once and for all.

Traditional Chinese Pastries
Package design for traditional Chinese bakeries, Pineapple Shortcakes in different flavors, and Egg rolls. All come with the choice of large or small packages in paper box or tin container.

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Wedding Pastries
Along with the re-branding process, Kee Wah decided to invest more money on their product packages. The newly packaged “Kee Wah Bridal Pastries” displayed at the renovated wedding counters at all Kee Wah retail stores helped generating impressive sales records. “Kee Wah Bridal Pastries” became a fashionable gift for young couples in Hong Kong.

Moon Cake
Moon-cakes are purchased to share and give away to families and friends during the Mid-Autumn Festival. The retail of Moon-cakes is highly competitive; the new brand identities improved the company’s equity, enhancing and differentiating their products on the market.
Choices of sizes and flavours of “Kee Wah Premium Moon-cake” were designed in reusable tin can and paper box packages to match customers’ budget. The sale rose dramatically and soon Kee Wah established its brand equity in the Asian communities around the world.