Pop-up Popcorn (Student Work)

Derrick Lin


Love popcorn and want to eat it in style? This is your answer! Anni Nykänen of Packlab at Lahti Institute of Design in Finland designed this awesome popcorn packaging that pops-up into a nice little bowl when your popcorn is ready!

In 2008 Anni Nykänen won four awards for her Popcorn concept. Three of them European student design awards at the IOP: Student Starpack Awards. The Gold, Best in Show Award, Marks & Spencers / Korsnas Frovi Sponsored Award as she helped PACKLAB. Lahti Institute of Design to win the Eric Dickens Award for the second time in 2008. Months later her packaging picked up a 2008 Honorable Mention at the Worldstar Student / Packaging Design Competition (International) Award. Since then the internet has been alive with activity over her innovative concept. – Parklab