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Derrick Lin


New fully biodegradable trash bag packaging sent in and designed by Hub Strategy.

Jason Rothman, the senior designer of Hub Strategy says :

In designing this packaging, we focused on a couple key things
1) make it as environmentally friendly as humanly possible, we did so by using 100% recyclable craft board that is 60% post consumer waste and printing with UV inks to make as little impact on the Earth as possible.

And 2) design a trash bag package that is actually nice to look at. This included the obvious Glad/Hefty burst, bevel and glowing color madness as well as not falling into the classic “green” pitfalls we all know (i.e. a forest background and a leaf-inspired logo).

With these things driving the design, we created a line of packaging that
feels high-quality and pops off the shelves because it sits back.