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Derrick Lin


Itubaína Retro 1

The universe retro is a world-wide fever and comes gaining new adepts in Brazil also. To commemorate the 54 years of the Itubaína soft drink mark, the Schincariol Group launched the Itubaína Retro. The version remember the decade of 50, with current design. The version is presented in bottle of 355ml with images of the decade of 50 with three different labels collected – a rocket, a cup and a bottle. A sophisticated product, young and differentiated, that preserves the original content with modern and brought up to date form. The concept drawn for Itubaína Retro show a movement that started in Brazil has some years and that it search to incorporate the new with a great valuation of the old, with this modern products are created and that they preserve its history. Itubaína Retro is commercialized in the versions Traditional and Zero .

Designed by Celso Campao.

Itubaína Retro 2