Confiture et Provence

Derrick Lin


Nowadays, everything that focuses on home-made & off mass-produce is easily hearted by consumers, especially in food packaging. This strikingly simple bottle design of Confiture et Provence‘s Citron ginger syrup is really nice to have in your kitchen, not to mention the healthy of ginger. And the most important is we can re-use the bottle for our very own home-made syrup or as an olive oil container.

Besides the Citron ginger syrup, another nice packaging from Confiture et Provence is their SASHE (sachet) set syrup. Packed in small plastic packet of 30g each, SASHE is design for you to have a taste of over 200 different kinds of basic or a combination of two or more ingredients Confiture have. Like a palette of colors, SASHE is just lovely to have as a gifts.

Confiture et Provence produces are seasonal. They make all kinds of syrup, jam & cookies from a combination of two or more fruits, herbs, spices and alcohol. Because the ingredients use is from the period of a season, the recipe is slightly adjust to the taste of the ingredients. So every Confiture’s produce is the taste of the year.

via : Design Year Book

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