Hema Delicatessen



Surprise: at the end of 2003, HEMA contacted Koeweiden Postma to ask them to design a number of packaging lines. The agency had never designed any packaging before, but HEMA was convinced that they would succeed. The bright, exciting designs of Koeweiden Postma were exactly what HEMA had hoped for. Nearly twenty packaging lines have now been developed.

Benefiting from the flexibility offered by a private label store, each packaging line evokes its own world of perception. The overall objective was to endow the HEMA brand with more emotional and perceptive content, but without losing the
characteristic simplicity associated with HEMA.

The delicatessen line was inspired by ambiances associated with the Mediterranean area. The watercolour motifs were painted by the British illustrator Marion Deuchars. The designers made a conscious decision not to start the design process on a computer. The key issue was to bring across the authenticity, the flavour and the ‘feeling’ of each product.

Only later were colours processed by computer, thereby also creating a system on the basis of which the assortment(consisting of over seventy dilferent products) could be categorized in a recognisable fashion. The delicatessen line eamed a ‘Lamp’ award from the ADCN (Art Directors Club Netherlands) in 2005.

Designed by Koeweiden Postma, The Netherlands.