Honda Event invite



Honda commissioned CK to create a live demonstration of our vision for the ‘Showroom of the Future’, enabling consumer research groups and members of their dealership committee to share their thoughts and give feedback about the concept.

Bespoke literature was created; encapsulated within a clear spherical container, two booklets were placed; one to be read prior to the viewing of our concept, the other to be read as they leave the showroom.

Within the first booklet, abstract imagery and illustration combines with minimal copy to create a thought-provoking piece. A series of ‘what if…?’ questions are posed, encouraging the reader to question their own idea of the ideal showroom experience, and providing a hint of the concept they are about to experience first hand. The second booklet was designed to provide a strong reminder of the concept, including a series of illustrations which capture the key elements of the presentation they were shown.

Designed by Checkland Kindleysides.