Premier Barrel



Returning to the “good old days” of Victorian Music Hall for it’s inspiration, our new ceramic decanter goes by the name of PREMIER BARREL, and replicates Scotch Whisky Decanters from the late 1800’s. Actually, it also looks like an old fashioned bed-pig, designed to keep you warm on cold winter nights – a job its Malt Selection can still do for you!

Using the terminology of the Music Hall Impresarios who were frequently fond of flashy, flamboyant, flippant and formidable verbosity, we have followed the same formula – suggesting that the label had been written with an old feather quill pen at a high desk, by a lawyers’ clerk – sorry for the ink splatters!

Designed initially for the gift market, it self evidently appeals to the Scotch Malt purist as well. All bottlings are from single casks “selected single-mindedly and spiritually, yet soberly, in salutary solemnity, whilst sourcing salubrious suitability of the spell-binding spirit – satisfactorily sanctifying a sympathetic susceptibility to serenity from this spectacularly sensuous specialty”, as we like to say (on the label).

One of the awesome Douglas Laing‘s whiskeys.