Tayaimgut Sauvignon Blanc

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Derrick Lin


Lateral Branding won the 2009 LAUS Silver Packaging Award with this fantastic wine packaging.

The current aesthetic explosion in wine image design has created somewhat unclear perceptions of the real quality of the product behind each label. TAYAIMGUT is a Sauvignon Blanc made through total personal dedication in both its vine growing and winemaking, elaborated on a small scale. To its producer, a wine can only be appreciated when tasted. Therefore, all you can do after making it is explain what gives the wine is special characteristics and forego aesthetic issues. This led to a fortunate paradox: the absolute priority of the content finally gave rise to an interesting, distinctive form.

An unusual, eye-catching, folded label hanging from the neck of the bottle contains an extensive explanation of the ups and downs of each year’s crop. The role of the label on the front of the bottle is mainly functional and basic: it attaches the aforementioned folded label and allows customers to identify the wine while consuming it. Due to the absence of illustrations or symbols, the label’s typography takes on a leading role. The bottle is a standard shape and only a tiny paper seal protects the cork. The final result is as extraordinary as the quality and the name of this wine.