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The Teaosophy team had a unique new tea delivery system, but needed to create a brand identity, naming, packaging and brand communications platform that would effectively tell its story and connect with the customer in a crowded marketplace.

Challenge Outlined by Lemley Design’s Research: Lemley Design understood that its primary challenge would be to establish a brand identity and brand communications that would become prominent among the large number of tea brands in the marketplace. The firm needed to convey that the unique Tea Pod® delivery system was much more than a marketing gimmick. It allows for the proper infusion of tea to the customer’s individual taste. The use of leaf tea rather than fannings and dust, and the unique pyramid shape of the Tea Pod®, release the complexities of the tea gradually, increasing the flavor and heightening the experience of the drinker. This is tea “to refresh the mind and body”; it is not merely a drink. It is a deeply satisfying, culturally connecting experience.

Lemley Design created a brand platform for Teaosophy that is as unique as the company. The logotype for Teaosophy features the positioning language “the study of tea” and a human form outlined against a long, slender tea leaf. The intricate human aspects of tea, the culture and ritual around tea drinking and the human interaction with nature in the growing and selecting of tea by hand are brought together very clearly in Lemley Design’s brand platform for Teaosophy. The fusion of deep and ancient cultural roots and the most modern of technology come together seamlessly. The firm also brought out the Brand as the authority on tea, experts and specialists with connections from the tea growers in Asia to customers world-wide.Lemley Design extended its brand strategy and identity for Teaosophy into a number of key brand communications: product naming, packaging system, POS strategy, and positioning language. The firm also developed brand identity usage guidelines for Teaosophy.

Teaosophy’s online store and brand communications are cohesive and relate a remarkable story. . .one that connects at a basic, human and cultural level. The brand is now positioned to become a leader in tea technology. It is also positioning itself to not only retail its products directly to the customer, but to sell its specialty teas to gourmet and specialty retailers and food service. Teaosophy was awarded the Gourmet Retailer Product Packaging of the Year award.

Designed by Lemley Design.

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