Derrick Lin


The Jacqueline Evans story began in 1999 when Jacqueline first created customised skin care for a select group of clients when she worked as a naturopath in the United Kingdom. Since then, years of meticulous research have gone into product formulations. Products are based on the function of the ingredients and only the purest and highest grade natural and organic ingredients are used, including cold pressed oils, the best essential oils and beneficial levels of vitamins, minerals and herbals resulting in some of the most effective products in the world.

The amber glass used for all the packaging not only preserves the integrity of the contents better, it compliments the restrained typography and bold colour differentiation of the labels. The honesty and quality of this product is clearly communicated through a sense of nostalgia-induced trust. They just happen to look great all together on your bathroom shelf too!

Designed by Swear Words, Australia.