Rewind Coffee

Derrick Lin


My, how we love this brand. Rewind and Bomba go together like Paris and the springtime, like Charles and Ray Eames, like coffee and cream, even. When Rewind came to us with thoughts of bringing together premium coffee and a shared love of mid-century design, we were pretty damn quick to hop on the brand-wagon.

Designed for maximum retro-kitsch kitchen appeal whilst providing optimum storage conditions, Rewind is the result of months of design development. The canisters are food-safe, light-safe, steady-stackable in mix’n’match vintage colours, with a clever tightly-sealing lid that allows the coffee to breathe but not sweat and won’t dislodge during the thermal shrink-wrapping process or transit. Quite the design feat, really.

Designed by Studio Bomba, Australia.