If the Hanger Tea were to be submitted as an entry to tea-packaging-awards (if such a thing existed), I say it would win hands down! I can’t think of a better or more obvious way to pack teabags than this hanger & T-shirt design. It’s a funny take on how the simple motion of hanging a used teabag on the rim of your cup, be done. Color-coded for different varieties, the hangers are rather cute and so are the tea-shirts!

Designed by Soon Mo Kang.

  1. Awesome, but my tea bag always floats up, thats one problem the designer might want to note.

  2. Cool! It is great to finally see original stuff come out of a Korean. For so long the country has been hamstrung by copy-cat design. Now only if their car companies could stop copying and build truly innovative products, which has started to occur with the influx of non-Korean designers and design centers at companies like Hyundai.

  3. Bull shit words for creative student! You must cheer them up ! What relation between Teabags and Hyundai autos!

  4. Very charming concept. T-shirts hanger + Tea bags !
    Remains of tea leaves on both side sleeves looks bad. Non-toxic Glue or close the sleeves's end by stiches. More dandy and saving tea leaves.
    I recommend this kind of correction for better practical use. For office use, its an attractive design to welcome visitors. Cheers designer, good challanged works! You better patent this design for real products.

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