The milk fridge at your local grocery store has probably looked the same for eons. America’s milk supply is seeing rapid consolidation, driving down prices. Industry leaders have increasingly turned to the development of consumer brands as a way to increase both sales and margins. The resulting proliferation of brands has placed pressure on smaller, regional dairies to differentiate their offerings in the marketplace. It was times for Schroeder to do something drastic.

We designed a completely new look for Schroeder, one that communicated on three levels. The first level is a clean, white opaque package that communicated a European sophistication. The next level is the use of the words One, Two, Whole, and Skim each scaled reflect the fat level of the milk, The last is the use of rotating, esoteric phrases that spoke to consumers in an anti-marketing language. Phrases like for dreamers and optimists and for those who fall somewhere in between. The early results speak for themselves. Schroeder saw a sustained 15% increase in distribution due to their new packaging and 22% increase in sales of milk during a recessionary economy.

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Designed by Capsule, United States.