Bicervecina El Inca

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Derrick Lin


When Cervecería Boliviana Nacional entrust Adrián Pierini with this project, they were not just asking for a design, but they were instead giving him the great responsibility of recreating the image of a product intimately attached to popular feeling.

“Bicervecina” combines a 3 percent of alcoholic content with a great presence of malt. Its functional goodness is so well known that consumers have enjoyed its benefits for years. If you talk about “El Inca” to any Bolivian, he would be transported to his childhood and his grandparents`, he will remember shared lunches and happy moments in community.
For these reasons, designing this product was not an easy task at all; a minor conceptual error could affect its highly emotional value. Considering this, Pierini and CBN marketing team establish a required instruction: the original aesthetic spirit must be preserved, and graphic intervention would only be possible if the added elements reinforced the emotional profile. Structure, typographic style, and chromatic codes could be improved, but without making a drastic transformation.
The project demanded over a year of work and the process implied analyzing the bond between each and every elements of the pack, how its characters should be modified (its gesture, position, clothes), which technique would manage the ideal presentation (photography or illustration), considering the tones range as a way of modernizing the layout and adding flavor and warmth, and finally looking for the most adequate way of highlighting the brand name with a visual exercise in which lines, shadows and features were gradually altered to reach the perfect enhancement.
The final result exceeded all expectations at its launching. CBN is extremely satisfied with the new packaging, which transmits modernity without resigning tradition and provides flavor without losing warmth. Above all, it also made an increase in the impact of the drink without having affected a layout constrained by its highly emotional value.

Designed by Pierini Partners, Argentina.