Derrick Lin


Jan Robben is a strawberry grower with a passion for his product, and a dedication to producing fruit of a higher standard than your ‘average’ strawberry. In 1998, his company was the first in the Netherlands to receive the Milieukeur certificate.* We designed a packaging that presented his strawberries in a way similar to a box of chocolates – as an exclusive, luxurious treat rather than a commodity. The packaging has a natural, intimate look-and-feel, featuring birds, Robbens’ butterfly logo and his signature, reflecting his personal devotion and care for the environment. This enabled Jan Robben to change his market strategy and achieve significant business improvement.

The objectives were to differentiate the product from the commodity competition, and successfully position it as a higher-margin product. Special emphasis also had to be placed on Jan Robbens’ personal care and passion, and the environmentally friendly processes with which the berries are produced.

*The Milieukeur certificate is awarded for special efforts in the field of natural, environmentally friendly production processes. Milieukeur products are very similar to organic products, but a limited amount of chemical crop-protection agents and artificial fertilisers are permitted in their production.

Designed by Reggs, The Netherlands.