Derrick Lin


Simon Lévelt wanted its premium range of National Coffees to attract a new target group: ‘Cultural Creatives’, who value peace, spirituality, creativity and social justice. They appreciate products that are made with care, and preferably organic. These consumers are critical about what they buy, and want to know the story behind the products. Reggs responded by designing a package that ‘tells’ this story at a glance, visualising the coffee’s heritage and the authentic character of its country of origin.

The objectives were to appeal to cultural creatives – in the busy retail environment – to buy a coffee that is ‘honest’ and carefully selected in its country of origin. This is now communicated immediately by the packaging, and presented in a way that appeals to the lifestyle and design preferences of cultural creatives.

Simon Lévelt has been passionate about coffee and tea for over 200 years: a passion that is translated into small-scale and traditional production processes, direct and fair trade, and a preference for organic ingredients. The company’s market model is built around sales via franchise shops, as well as indirectly via out-of-home and retail channels.

Designed by Reggs, The Netherlands.