The Pure and Nature product group is a Kruidvat* private-label range designed for daily face and body skincare. Pure and Nature products consist of all-natural ingredients, and are the first private-label products in the Netherlands to carry the BIDH quality mark.**
Reggs created a design that is eye-catching on the shelves, but which also radiates a simple, uncomplicated look-and-feel that reflects and emphasises the products’ all-natural, high-quality characteristics. The Pure and Nature packaging makes an appealing, fresh and pure statement, in which the Kruidvat values also remain visible.
*Kruidvat Retail is part of A.S. Watson (Health & Beauty Continental Europe) BV and, with 941 stores, is market leader in the Benelux health and beauty sector.
** The BIDH mark guarantees that products do not contain any synthetic colouring, scent or preservatives, as well as any synthetic silicones, paraffin or other oil-based products. Furthermore, the natural ingredients have been, whenever possible, organically cultivated and have not been tested on animals.

As consumers become increasingly aware of the impact that products can have on their personal wellbeing, there is a growing demand for products that are honest and natural – such as natural cosmetics in the health and beauty sector. The ingredients in such cosmetics are environmentally friendly, which assures consumers that these are not only a healthy products you can trust, but ones that are also less harmful to the earth. The objective was to tell this story to consumers through every aspect of the visual design.

Designed by Reggs, The Netherlands.