Sinhá Vitae

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Derrick Lin


The packaging was developed keeping in mind the health benefits of the product (which, not only nutritious, but also benefits the functioning of the body, improving overall health and reducing the risk of illness).
The design was created in conjunction with the Vitae brand, developed exclusively by Target Design for this product line. The heart shaped logo with unites this line with the main brand (Sinhá) which represents the idea of a product produced with care and quality, especially for the consumer.
The concept used was one of a more clean design, in line with global trends that value the white, making the information on the packaging more legible to the consumer and providing the product with a more premium position on the shelf.
Another positive feature is the enhancement of the product through the use of photos, produced especially for the package, thus providing a more immediate appetite appeal to the consumer.
Target Design was responsible for the whole process of package creation and line extension, creating not only the layout, but also all icons and graphic elements which add value to the product.

Designed by Target Design, Brazil.

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