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The packaging was developed keeping in mind the health benefits of the product (which, not only nutritious, but also benefits the functioning of the body, improving overall health and reducing the risk of illness).
The design was created in conjunction with the Vitae brand, developed exclusively by Target Design for this product line. The heart shaped logo with unites this line with the main brand (Sinhá) which represents the idea of a product produced with care and quality, especially for the consumer.
The concept used was one of a more clean design, in line with global trends that value the white, making the information on the packaging more legible to the consumer and providing the product with a more premium position on the shelf.
Another positive feature is the enhancement of the product through the use of photos, produced especially for the package, thus providing a more immediate appetite appeal to the consumer.
Target Design was responsible for the whole process of package creation and line extension, creating not only the layout, but also all icons and graphic elements which add value to the product.

Designed by Target Design, Brazil.

  1. Congrats for all the people involved with the "Sinhá Vitae" package new identity's project.

    Nice typography and colour work. I really loved it…

    Cheers for all Target Design folks to rock again with one more great package identity.

    Spotlights again on brazilian designers new shiny and stylish creation.

    Maurivan Luiz.

  2. This package is such an piece of art! Congratulations to all the brazilian designers of TARGET DESIGN envolved on this project!

  3. I`m sorry, but you are exaggerating! The package is nice, but just nice, it’s very ordinary… there is no innovative design.

  4. you can tell that are the comments are from people that know the designer or the people from the same company becuase the packaging doesnt look that great it all. sorry but i dont think you need to exagerate…. dont try to compensate with words what you couldnt do with desing.

  5. Tottaly agree with the previous comment. Sorry, the design is ok, it is not amazing, it is definitly far behind of most of the works in this website despite it is one of the bes rated.

  6. I really liked these packages! If you know the product that does not help, you would know better what you are saying. I dont know the designers but I REAlly LOVED THE DESIGN!! GREAT WORK!!!!

  7. Agree with others above. Common, not great. And a lot similar to others package designs of brazil.

  8. A lot of anonymous people really seem to love this design, hmmm

    *nudge nudge wink wink

  9. Ha ha okej guys, obviously someone is really beefing the stats on this one.

    It's all right but not extraordinary.

  10. You have got to be kidding me… The packaging it's just ok. I am not even going to talk about the horrible Sinha Logo…
    What about the Generic Vitae brand with Spring typeface?
    I suggest you go to google and search for the Carrefour Brasil own brand "Viver". It uses the same colours and effect, and surprise: came before this one….

  11. Isn't great when a package creates so much controversy? Who should be happy with this is must be Sinhá company, for so much free dissemination, heh!

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