Suntory Hibiki 12 Gift Pack

Derrick Lin


Suntory needed a gift pack to promote the mix of their new whisky ‘Hibiki 12 Years’ and ‘Perrier’.
The gift pack was distributed at Suntory whiskey trial events to guests who were interested in something other than just straight whiskey.
‘Hibiki’s’ core creative idea is ‘The Dramatic Blend’, based on the whiskey’s young energetic blending. The gift pack therefore had to have a dramatic feeling and effect on opening. Also including the ‘Purple Ribbon’ the brand icon.

In Japan the ‘Furoshiki’ is a traditional gift, which is constructed with a cloth wrapping much like a hamper. Using that as a basis we constructed a box tied up with an elegant ribbon that represents the brand. After the ribbon is untied and the top removed the gift pack opens dramatically like a flower. Which is a reference to the fragrance of the product and also to the packs momentary existence.

Designed by Alex Noble, who is working at Ogilvy & Mather Tokyo.