Babushka Anya

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Derrick Lin


anya frozen foods

Designed by KIAN Brand Agency, Russia.

At the time “Babushka Anya”, one of the leading brands of the “Santa Bremor” company who operates in frozen foods industry, came to KIAN brand agency, the client viewed the brand as unmodern, without a clear identity, and being perceived by the consumer as uninteresting, correspondent to the lowest price segment.

The primary renewed visual brand conceptions for “Babushka Anya” were bright and radiant colors as well as graphic works, such as unusual shaped clear areas, positive graphics in the background, as well as creative font solutions. The redesigned trademark made the image of the personage more bright and attractive. The background drawing with the clear area is an identifier of the corporate style, and at the same time carries out the practical function of masking the small defects of the product.