Gyulai Palinka Spirit

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Derrick Lin


gyulai_palinka bottle

The original ‘pálinka’ is a distilled spirit made of fermented fruits.
Only those products can be referred to the ‘pálinka’ which are made from
Hungarian fruits, have 100% fruit content and got 37,5% of alcohol strength
as a minimum.

The first distillery in Gyula was founded by János György Harruckern in
1731. This nearly 300 year-tradition is carrying on by Gyulai Pálinka
Manufacture (in these days).

gyulai_palinka bottle range

The task was to create a new packaging design which focuses to the mature
young generation. The key motive of the new design is the Hungarian hound,
which is fidelity, nobility and got all the traditional values.

Designed by Peter Berki of Café Design, Hungary.