Phillips Bonafide Originals

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Derrick Lin


From formulating America’s first schnapps to pioneering flavored vodka, the Phillips family has been crafting innovative spirits for five generations. Approaching their 100th anniversary in 2012, Minneapolis-based Phillips Distilling Company is reissuing some of their classic brands as they first appeared in their original, collective packages – aptly named the Bonafide Originals.

Consumers can find the re-introduced Phillips Peppermint Schnapps as the first of the original Phillips Vodka on liquor store shelves throughout the Upper Midwest, using the same bottle and label when the liquor debuted in 1935. The other labels -Phillips Gin-Ka, Phillips Sno Shoe Grog will follow shortly. This vintage approach to bottle appeal not only showcases the rich history of Phillips Distilling Company, but of Midwestern traditions.

Phillips brands like Peppermint Schnapps and the rest of the Bonafide collection are deeply rooted in Midwest tradition – some still resting quietly in lodges, liquor cabinets, taverns and tackle boxes across the Upper Midwest. There’s been a story in every bottle. The Bonafide Collection promises to reignite past memories and create new ones with a whole new generation of imbibers.

The Bonafide Originals Logo was done by Brew in Minneapolis. Marla Teich, designer at Phillips Distilling Company, created a commemorative gift box as well as a brochure celebrating the vintage appeal of this unique packaging design.