Sunshine Enema

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Derrick Lin


Dark electro-pop group Marrow’s latest album “Sunshine Enema” is quite innovative in that the tracks are all stored on a pill-shaped USB drive that is held in a faux-medicine bottle designed by group members Jeremy & Erin Fortes.

Sunshine Enema is the newest release from Marrow. 8 therapeutic tracks designed to make you shake your seriously gloomy ass!

We realized that it was essential for us to bring the same kind of inspiration to the branding of our own work as we would expect ourselves to deliver to any of our clients. Our first CD, ‘Quiet Desperation’, was beautifully designed, but it was still just a CD – and CD’s aren’t enough anymore. Thinking outside of the CD case was liberating.

We started brainstorming knowing two things – we wanted our music on a USB drive and we wanted the packaging to be humorous – a bright, glossy coating to the darker themes of the music. After about an hour, the plans for ‘Sunshine Enema‘ were fully realized – we would have a USB drive shaped like a pill nestled inside a pill bottle. Cotton and child proof cap, of course. The bottle would be sold inside of our own Marrow prescription bag, along with a t-shirt if desired. The bag would be stapled closed with our custom “dosing instructions” to aid any listener in how to use their new medicine, along with contraindications, common uses, and warnings to let the prescribed know that “There is no recommended dose. You are on your own.”