Lightweight packaging is our answer to the demands of the liquid food industry and consumers asking for modern and clever packages. By using a minimal amount of raw material we create a lightweight package which combines low environmental impact with consumer convenience. Saving resources is saving the environment. That is why lightweight packaging has become a heavyweight argument.

The lightweight Ecolean package puts all heavier packages in the shade. An Ecolean package weighs approximately 50-60% less than a conventional liquid food carton or bottle.

The plastic in a 1 litre Ecolean® Air package weighs a mere 10 grams. Less use of raw materials saves energy during production, transport and waste handling.
Thanks to the soft material a consumer can squeeze out practically 100 % of the content. When viscous products like yoghurt are sold in conventional one litre packages, nearly one deciliter stays in the package and is thrown away for no reason. Once empty, the Ecolean package is flat as an envelope. Imagine the space, energy and transport saved in a world of Ecolean packages.

Even 20 Ecolean packages take up a minimum of space. Imagine the space they won’t occupy in the bin!
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