FIFA World Cup 2010 hospitality kit



Burgopak is an award-winning global packaging design company with offices in the United Kingdom, US, Germany, France, China and Australia. Their patented slider packs and bespoke designs have been used by leading brands around the globe for a range of products and markets.

World Cup fever has generated huge excitement and anticipation on a global scale, and nowhere is this more prominent than when a fan receives their long awaited tickets to their team’s game. To magnify this momentous occasion, London-based design company Burgopak have developed their sliding packaging format to deliver the coveted.

Local to this year’s official World Cup venue, South Africa’s Aries Packaging approached Burgopak to use the company’s patented slider pack design for their FIFA project. An event so integral to English culture, Burgopak’s innovative piece of British packaging design was a perfect fit.
Capturing the essence of anticipation, the slider pack provides a clever and playful
opening experience, creating intrigue and a sense of novelty to complement the
exciting nature of receiving World Cup tickets. With the games officially now
underway, the high quality format of the Burgopak design further encourages fans
to retain the pack, lending itself as a keep-safe of World Cup memorabilia.

The design underwent a lengthy development process in collaboration with Aries Packaging before the final product was approved by FIFA. With official World Cup artwork supplied by client, the vibrant green pack features an acetate window, black foam fitments and an overall matte laminate.