Fresh Label

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Concept by To-Genkyo, Japan.

False labeling on food is a worldwide concern. Many consumers carefully check the food labels. However, expiry dates typed on the labels in characters are easily faked and there is a limit for its reliability.

To solve such problem. we suggest a food label which changes its color by reacting to ammonia given off by food when it is becoming spoiled. When the food is no longer edible, the food label makes a bar code non-scannable and non-purchasable with pattern. This food label is reliable and difficult to counterfeit since it directly reflects freshness.

An hour glass, which is a symbol of time, is chosen as a motif to let consumers intuitively know the freshness.
The fresh label will create a new relationship between consumers and food through visualization of “Freshness” which used to be difficult to be shown by the existing food labels.