HEMA Salty Snacks

Derrick Lin


Designed by Studio Kluif, Netherlands. Since 2002 Studio Kluif has worked on dozens of product lines for food, personal hygiene products and kids toys as well as many others.

Kluif designed the entire packaging line for Hema’s salty snacks. The packaging line is divided into 3 different categories- premium, basic and tortilla. We were inspired by the wooden crates that are used to transport vegetables & fruit for their authentic feeling and of course the classic childhood pastime of making potato stamps. To transpose these positive references to the packaging we stamped the typography ourselves thus achieving a genuine and homey atmosphere. Kluif sought crisp, fresh photography, and a composition that would give the feeling of lightness. The extruder line is composed of ‘twistbites’, ‘robo rings’ and ‘cheese sticks’ and makes use of a more illustrative graphic language which also was designed in dialogue with the photography used.

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