Derrick Lin


Designed by The Brand Union, United States.

The Brand Union was challenged to develop a uniquely inspiring story through the eyes of Spike Lee and his vision of Brooklyn bringing the bottle design to life. The result is a 1-liter Absolut bottle that features a brownstone with the number from Spike Lee’s childhood home in Cobble Hill, 165, on the building’s front door.

The concept was developed choosing ‘stoop life’ as a theme to tell the story of Brooklyn. The stoop is a place where the community comes together, where life happens. Somewhere that everyone holds a memory from moments in their lives. This connection enables the consumer to feel a sense of comfort from the bottle design and thus, truly resonates with all New Yorkers.

The vodka is flavored with notes of ripened fresh red apple as an homage to the Big Apple and is carefully blended with a hint of ginger to represent the flair and spice that Brooklyn infuses into New York City.

Every city that Absolut brings to life is inspired by the collective viewpoint of locals and what the city means to them, why it’s unique, and why they love it and The Brand Union has successfully achieved this with the Brooklyn bottle design.