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Designed by Pande Deisgn Solutions, Brazil.

The challenge presented by Carrefour to Pande was to create a healthy brand concept that would be easily understood by the consumer and with clear benefits. The package would be the main brand media and so it should talk with the consumer.

After a thorough study of product trends, consumer behavior, and innovations in Europe, along with Carrefour, Pande gave life to the project, creating the name and the striking visual identity of the line and the packaging.

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*image edited July 09 2010

The concern of communicating the benefits and features with clarity ensures a safe and conscious purchase to the consumer.

Giving consistency to the communication of this line, Pande created the points-of- sale and tabloid materials, reinforcing the brand image. With Viver line, the Carrefour brand – a leader in the own-brands Brazilian market – has taken another step to maintain its leadership and meet the needs of its consumers in a complete manner.

  1. On the cookie packaging with the purple band: "Ligth"?

    Is that a typo, or am I missing out on some some subtlety of language…?

    (And as a side note, why is that word capitalized when none of the other examples show capitalized words there?)

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