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Derrick Lin


Designed by Alnoor Design, France.
Thanks to Kim from OMD for sending in this article.

Davidoff’s newest men’s fragrance, Davidoff Champion is all about triggering the desire in men to develop the latent potential within them. The fundamental instinct for victory and power. Davidoff Champion is about the daily ritual of taking the time to build physical and mental strength – to become a champion.

Who is it for?
Sport is a big part of his life. Always ready to succeed, pushing forward boundaries, overcoming challenges. Determination is his key characteristic. He is focused and knows just what he wants: to stay right at the top of his game.

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The Design
The central pillar of Davidoff Champion’s offering is a flacon design so novel that it can’t help but make a man stop in his tracks and take notice! This chunky dumbbell with textured black-glass rod and head and tail silver weights is designed to be both innovative and magnetic. The cap and base are weighted, and the contents engraved on the cap, while the bevelled-grip body gives a rough, masculine touch.